How Hangzhou Garment Enhances Brand Capabilities

Overview Our client is a local entrepreneurial women’s clothing brand operating in Europe, with customers from the domestic region with diverse tastes. With their mid to high-end positioning in the industry, they directly operate 4 stores located in major shopping malls. As a local source for quality clothing, our client has been successful in promoting […]

Improving Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

The client has nothing but the store, a designer, and some abstract designs. They reached out to Hangzhou Garment and asked for help. Our team helped the store owner and got the customer’s brick-and-mortar store running with high-quality womenswear in no time. Overview The customer reached out to us, inquiring about the mass production of […]

Delivering Tailor-Made Wholesale Clothing

With no design or board-development team in one of our Italian customers, they turned to Hangzhou Garment. Our team sprung into action to satisfy their needs with record-breaking speed and unrivaled efficiency, from style pictures to mass production. Overview Through the quotation link on our website, the customer got in touch with Guangzhou Hangzhou Garment […]