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Presenting variety in women’s clothing, Hangzhou Garment is your go-to destination for chic dresses fitting various fashion trends. As a wholesale manufacturer, we apply our control over production to reduce prices and make our dresses more affordable on your end.

We meet a variety of needs for women, fitting mini to maxi sizes, as well as different occasions such as weddings and proms. Applying the latest manufacturing technologies, we are capable of realizing large volume dress customized to your specifications, from different sizes and patterns to colors and materials. With years of experience, our designers can bring your brand’s creativity to life.

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Women’s Dresses
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Benefits for Wholesaler

Our access to reliable suppliers helps ensure that our dresses are delivered at wholesale prices, which saves costs for your business operations.

Low MOQ from 100

Our MOQ policy can help you get orders that are manageable for your budget while ensuring they fit within your expected profit margins.

Competitive Price

Thanks to our control over production and mature supply chain, we help reduce excess production costs for larger volumes to come more affordably.

Quick Sampling

To save time during the manufacturing process, we provide you with samples that reflect our work for you to check ahead of mass production.

After Sales Safety

We confront any quality issue by ensuring after-sales safety, such as replacing damaged products with quality-tested replacements quickly.

Fully Customized for Your Business

Custom Design

From our years of experience and market research, we provide you with custom options for size, materials, and designs. We do not limit ourselves to common styles and can diversify the look of your dress to appeal to your particular market’s needs.

Fabric Selection

Located within Guangzhou, our factory has easy access to premium fabrics that are fit for a variety of dresses. Our fabrics are processed and customized to ensure they match your desired pattern while withstanding the elements to maintain their quality appearance.

Private Label

When you want to promote your brand throughout your region, we can always embed your logo through our variety of manufacturing and customization techniques. Anyone that sees your logo and matches the pattern of our dresses will know your brand’s eye for quality and cement their loyalty.


Through our stable supply chain, we receive durable, recyclable packaging materials that can help secure dresses together. To boost your marketing identity, we also include unique patterns and logos to attract your audience to your brand’s quality.

Your Ultimate Custom Dress Manufacturer in China

Rich experience in clothing design

For 10 years, we have worked with leading brands and designers to bring out various custom dresses in different styles.

Grasp the trend of the clothing market

We go to the local markets to understand what your audience needs, resulting in over 100 styles per season to match demands.

Production Techniques

With advanced manufacturing techniques, we produce dresses in diversified patterns and fit readily when worn.

Save time, save money

A mature supply chain and production control help us meet deadlines while reducing production costs.

Dress Manufacturing At a Glance

fabric cards
Fabric Procurement
Being close to China’s largest textile market in Guangzhou enables us to procure a variety of fabrics from different suppliers. To maintain our quality consistency, we only choose trusted suppliers whose fabrics meet our strict standards and auditing process.
Fabric Inspection2
Fabric Inspection
Incoming fabrics are brought to the factory for a series of inspections to see how well the fabrics hold up to different conditions. We only use fabrics that are made resilient and can be neatly cut into our pattern for the dress.
Pattern Making3
Pattern Making
Our pattern designer understands how you want your dress to look and attract audiences. Patterns are made based on our size charts to fit with different customer measurements while also ensuring your design is feasible.
Cutting & Sewing4
Cutting & Sewing
Our cutting team neatly divides fabrics into parts to be sewn together into our dresses that follow the outlined patterns. With advanced sewing machines, we neatly form dresses without any creases or defects, giving an overall clean and fit look.
Screen Process5
Screen Process
Processing involves providing additional parts, such as hardware and trim, to make the design look better, as well as embroidery and the inclusion of tags. We apply a variety of artistic elements to help make the dress stand out on the shelf.
Quality Control 6
Quality Control
In every step, our QC team conducts many levels of inspections to prevent any defects ahead of the delivery schedule. From our color control to fabric testing, we ensure only premium quality dresses are consistently delivered to help maintain your stable supply.
Garment Ironing7
Garment Ironing
Through our ironing process, we prevent wrinkling to preserve the fabric quality and maintain the beauty of our dresses. Our steam iron beds can easily smooth every corner without doing harm to any part of the dress and make our garments ready to send.
workers inspecting products
Garment Packing
For fast delivery, our team carefully organizes and packages your orders within our tight, protective packaging. Before delivery, we check the garments for any defects and guarantee their safe delivery through careful packaging and sealing.

Fabric Procurement

Fabric Inspection

Pattern Making

Cutting & Sewing

Screen Process

Quality Control

Garment Ironing

Garment Packing

How Do We Ensure Women’s Dress Quality?

Color Control: To ensure color consistency, we use the latest light boxes to check defects at every phase.

Fabric Width: The thickness of our fabrics determines the heat transfer and ease of putting patterns on the dress surface.

Fabric Weight: We make sure the dress is not too heavy or light and that we have the right amount of fabric needed.

Fabric Shrinkage: We avoid any degrading of fabric quality by putting our fabrics under various solutions to ensure their integrity.

Women’s Dress Manufacturing FAQ

What influences the costs of dress in China?

Chinese manufacturers will consider labor, material, fabric, print colors and custom features, which can help when manufacturers will consider lowering prices.

How do Chinese manufacturers control the quality of dresses?

Manufacturers will apply the strictest care given to maintaining the quality of their skirts in order to reach international markets. QC teams apply the latest technology in identifying defects on the fabric, cut parts, color and the overall garment. Double-checking during inspections guarantees that defective products never make it into delivery.

Will my designs given to Chinese manufacturers be used by my competitors?

No. Chinese manufacturers value honesty in their transactions through non-disclosure agreements and other manufacturing contracts to ensure your intellectual property is protected from unwarranted replication.