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Custom Women’s Blouses in Bulk From China

A looser upper garment than the dress, our blouses are worn for regular outings and give greater comfort around the waist and hips. As such, we prioritize comfort and easy fitting when we produce our blouses while combining with trendy fashion styles in our designs.

To meet the demands of wholesalers and fashion designers, we provide a selection of custom options that consider sizes, as well as styles that align with your specific market’s preferences. Within our one-stop factory, we control the flow of production to ensure we deliver blouses at affordable prices while maintaining consistent quality in every step.

Benefits for Wholesaler

Our access to reliable suppliers helps ensure that our blouses are delivered at wholesale prices, which saves costs for your business operations.

Low MOQ from 100

Low order requirements are optimal for you to sell more quickly and arrange a big order in the future.

Competitive Price

Buying factory prices in bulk saves you more and earns you a decent profit selling at an affordable price.

Quick Sampling

With quick sampling, you will receive the first run faster, giving you a first-hand experience of our quality products.

After Sales Safety

Products can be damaged in transit or unsatisfied with your work. We will be there to assist with your issue.

Fully Customized for Your Business

Custom Design

Collaborate with our experts and design your custom ladies' blouses with a wide selection of designs per season. Attention to detail is given to each section of the blouse, with our designers offering a fresh and innovative take on the latest styles the market has to offer.

Fabric Selection

Strategically located in Guangzhou province, our factory is accessible to the most delicate fabrics and the best accessories. Have your ladies’ blouse designs in the most delicate fabrics and vibrant colors as we provide high-quality materials. We use the latest production line to ensure the highest standards to produce your custom ladies’ blouses.

Private Label

Offering a collection of packaging options from the minimalist to the flamboyant package best represents your brand and the product you are selling. Formats in the logo placements and added information about the size and color of the ladies’ trousers are fully customizable in font style and size.


We ensure that all your packaging requirements have been strictly implemented down to the last detail. From selecting the preferred materials to placing the right prints, we help you make impressive packaging that complements the quality of your custom skirts.

Your Ultimate Custom Blouses Manufacturer in China

Rich experience in clothing design

13 years in the industry has honed our people and experts in designing the best ladies' blouses in the market.

Grasp the trend of the clothing market

Having the experience and owning 100 styles per season, we are always in the loop of what’s in and new.

Production Techniques

We ensure high quality standards and adopt the latest production techniques and practices that increase output with excellent quality.

Save time, save money

With factory price and fast delivery, our products are delivered quickly so you can start right away.

Dress Manufacturing At a Glance

fabric cards
Fabric Procurement
Hangzhou Garment factory is located near the largest textile market, gaining access to the finest and best variety of fabrics. With this advantage, we possess the capacity to source any material and start production in record time.
Fabric Inspection2
Fabric Inspection
It is vital for us to give the finest quality materials, with sophisticated machines and experts that inspect every square inch. Ensuring the raw materials are in perfect state with no defects and durable to go through production and wear.
Pattern Making3
Pattern Making
Efficiency is crucial in pattern making to maximize every square inch with modern techniques. We ensure every piece is well laid out, patterns strategically placed with a small allowance to avoid waste and precise cuts.
Cutting & Sewing4
Cutting & Sewing
A garment requires an average of 1000+ stitches. We ensure every stitch is carefully sewn and secured. Every worker in our factory is specialized in a specific part of the garment, with highly skilled individuals taking time to create a dress with precision detail.
Screen Process5
Screen Process
Once the fabrics have been cut and sewn together, the skirts are forwarded to our print team for detailing. Screen printing allows your design to be of higher quality while maintaining durability. Several expert team members take on the task of screen printing your chosen arrangements.
Quality Control 6
Quality Control
Inspection is done in every step of production, from the fabric quality and pattern placement to the final product. Guaranteeing quality work following strict standards, our garments are stylish and durable and will last a long time.
Garment Ironing7
Garment Ironing
The final product is then professionally ironed for the best presentation before it is packed and shipped to your store. We make sure you receive your orders ready to wear and be sold to your customers.
workers inspecting products
Garment Packing
Meticulously packing the product to avoid damage takes excellent care. As we prepare it for transport, our people inspect for any flaws in the packing that may compromise the order, with the assurance that your order is in pristine condition.

Fabric Procurement

Fabric Inspection

Pattern Making

Cutting & Sewing

Screen Process

Quality Control

Garment Ironing

Garment Packing

How Do We Ensure Blouses Quality?

Color Control: To ensure color consistency, we use the latest light boxes to check defects at every phase.
Fabric Width: The thickness of our fabrics determines the heat transfer and ease of putting patterns on the blouse surface.
Fabric Weight: We make sure the dress is not too heavy or light and that we have the right amount of fabric needed.
Fabric Shrinkage: We avoid any degrading of fabric quality by putting our fabrics under various solutions to ensure their integrity.

Women’s Dress Manufacturing FAQ

How much is the minimum order?

The minimum order starts at 100 pieces for simple custom designs.

What fabrics do you have?

Materials may vary from chiffon, cotton fabric, Linen, Silk, Polyester, and more.

How much is a sample?

Samples are generally free. You will only pay for the raw materials and express fee for the delivery.

Can I customize my blouses?

Yes! You can choose from a hundred seasonal designs to make your trendy ladies’ blouses.

What are my options in design?

You can check our design or customize your chosen blouse’s dimensions, design, and fabric.