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Made with light to mid-weight fabrics, our skirts covers from the waist downwards for a soothing, comfortable feel. Coming in various sizes, from ankle-length to mini, our skirts serve different events and are a highlight of women’s fashion.

In serving various wholesalers, brands and designers, we create a diverse line of skirts while maintaining affordable prices through our attentive control over production. Having a mature supply chain ensures we consistently produce skirts at regular intervals and within consistent quality. With a one-stop factory to manufacture and customize skirts, we can meet any deadline and realize your brand’s vision through our customization.

Women’s Skirts
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The latest Ladies Skirts in 2022

Explore our newest line of trendy and seasonal skirts from our collection, each having a fresh take on the latest designs in the industry.

Benefits for Wholesaler

Our access to reliable suppliers helps ensure that our skirts are delivered at wholesale prices, which saves costs for your business operations.

Low MOQ from 100

With a minimal MOQ of 100, we can accommodate niche brands that are unable to find manufacturers to cooperate with.

Competitive Price

Get the best value for your budget through our streamlined process and smart production techniques.

Quick Sampling

Samples are available within three to five working days. Except for those with special raw materials, all samples are free.

After Sales Safety

The responsive support team takes care of your after-sales concerns within 12 hours, including order tracking and replacements.

Fully Customized for Your Business

Custom Design

Innovative, aesthetic, and long-lasting, the design possibilities are endless. Hangzhou Garment offers fully customizable designs that can be adjusted to fit all kinds of customers. Each design is expertly handcrafted and made by our designers to match initial inputs and requests.

Fabric Selection

A wide array of fabrics such as Chiffon, Cotton, Linen, Silk, and Polyester are available for selection and utilization. All fabrics are inspected for their quality in several aspects, including color, grammage, width, and quality. Quality inspections are also done before, during, and after production.

Private Label

Effortlessly add any type of your chosen logo with the assistance of our top designers. One of our goals is to make self-branding easier and more accessible to niche brands. Want to add a more professional touch to your fabric label? Add your brand name and your logo!


We ensure that all your packaging requirements have been strictly implemented down to the last detail. From selecting the preferred materials to placing the right prints, we help you make impressive packaging that complements the quality of your custom skirts.

Hangzhou clothing factory

Your Ultimate Custom Skirt Manufacturer in China

Rich experience in clothing design

With over 13 years of experience in women’s fashion wear and cooperation with global brands, you’re guaranteed top-notch designs.

Grasp the trend of the clothing market

The production team pumps out a collection of new designs each season, placing your brand ahead of the curve.

Production Techniques

Skilled workers execute high-functioning production techniques, placing close attention to detail to ensure premium quality.

Save time, save money

Fast and reliable, our streamlined production process reduces lead time and costs. We also partner with DHL for on-time deliveries.

Dress Manufacturing At a Glance

fabric cards
Fabric Procurement
With long business relationships with different kinds of reliable fabric and accessories factories, Hangzhou Garment guarantees excellent fabric quality ready for mass production. The fabrics that we procure include Chiffon, Cotton, Linen, Silk, and Polyester.
Fabric Inspection2
Fabric Inspection
All fabric types and accessories will be quality inspected with the following criteria: color, grammage, width, and quality after purchasing the materials in bulk. Our quality inspection workers regularly check and report on the quality of the fabrics before, during, and after production.
Pattern Making3
Pattern Making
Top-notch patterns and designs are constantly produced for trendy skirt patterns and are inspected by our corresponding teams. The pattern masters disassemble the clothes into multiple pieces and make commensurable patterns per the different parts.
Cutting & Sewing4
Cutting & Sewing
The cutting team will cut the fabric manually in groups according to the patterns and designs. Once the task has been accomplished, the lathe department will take over, ensuring that the quality and sizes are in order so they can move on to slicing and stitching the pieces together.
Screen Process5
Screen Process
Once the fabrics have been cut and sewn together, the skirts are forwarded to our print team for detailing. Screen printing allows your design to be of higher quality while maintaining durability. Several expert team members take on the task of screen printing your chosen arrangements.
Quality Control 6
Quality Control
During this period, our quality inspection team will routinely lead quality checks and the measurements of semi-completed items. So long as there are no problems identified with the products, they will be immediately forwarded to the packaging department.
Garment Ironing7
Garment Ironing
Before packaging, we ensure to iron the clothes beforehand to remove wrinkles and prevent shrinkage of the cloth material. This step enables the products to look fresher, and it also guarantees to boost their longevity.
workers inspecting products
Garment Packing
The final step in our production process is placing the completed skirts into their appropriate packaging. We help you create custom packaging to complement your wholesale skits, focusing on superior quality and sharp, bright prints.

Fabric Procurement

Fabric Inspection

Pattern Making

Cutting & Sewing

Screen Process

Quality Control

Garment Ironing

Garment Packing

How Do We Ensure Women’s Dress Quality?

Color Control: We prevent discoloration throughout the process with our light box and spectrometer guiding our team in finding defects.

Fabric Width: The right fabric width can help us see if the fabric material we have can be used to realize any detail on our skirts.
Fabric Weight: We follow the required fabric weight so that we have the right amount needed for your skirt orders.
Fabric Shrinkage: We make sure our fabrics retain their size and shape under washing solutions through our strict tests.

Women’s Dress Manufacturing FAQ

What Are Your Minimum Order Quantities?

The minimum order quantity for our custom skirts starts from 100 pieces per color.

How Long Does The Process Take From Design To Delivery?

We practice a streamlined production process that ensures fast production with consistent quality. Sampling takes three to five days for completion, while mass production takes around 30 days, depending on the volume.

How Much Do Samples Cost?

Sample skirts, along with corresponding delivery charges, are free of charge. However, if you want to use specialized fabrics, only the material cost will require a fee.

What Fabrics Do You Have?

We have a wide array of premium fabrics that you can choose from! This includes various textiles like Chiffon, Cotton fabric, Linen, Silk, and Polyester.

How Do I Select My Fabrics?

There are three simple steps you need to do to get you started with the selection process: Inquire available fabrics, choose the one that best suits your needs, and inform us of your choice.