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Buy Ladies Blazers in Bulk From China

Get headturning blazers for women from Hangzhou Garment. Made with cotton, polyester, linen or velvet, our blazers come with a pleated hem for added texture and trendy style to the garment, fitting formal or business events. Our team of experts produces blazers for easy fit, comfort and vibrant designs intended to bring attention to the wearer.

With our control over production and mature supply chain, we provide a variety of blazers, from pale and double-breasted to plaid and cropped blazers, all within affordable cost. By starting MOQ at 100pcs, you can receive enough to fall within your budget.

Benefits for Wholesaler

As our mature supply network helps us gain more materials, we can produce large volumes of blazers at lower the cost.

Low MOQ from 100

Our MOQ policy gives you more flexibility in making orders as we consider your purchases based on your requirements.

Competitive Price

Premium blazers made with high-end fabrics are made at factory price for you to easily distribute and save up on expenses.

Quick Sampling

Through our efficient machinery, we can make sample blazers, whether customized or standard, quicker than our peers to help move the production process along.

After Sales Safety

Our warranty policy covers replacing blazers damaged in transit or those that have not met your requirements, ensuring consistent quality deliveries.

Fully Customized for Your Business

Custom Design

Eye Catching and trendy, our blazer design is customized to make your ideas match with market trends within and outside your region. You can realize any design through our variety of custom options, all made through our experience with different projects.

Fabric Selection

In Guangzhou, we always have a constant supply of fabrics and test them to ensure every material we possess has great durability and aesthetic appeal. Through our mature supply chain, we identify the proper fabrics to meet your design, budget and other requirements.

Private Label

A bespoke logo can make your brand more recognizable through the quality blazers you sell. Our team can help you build your marketing identity based on your brand’s message and our capability to turn your words into attractive imagery.


Using durable packaging, we can protect your blazer orders while on transit. We make sure the materials we use can withstand long travels while appearing clean and easy to customize, which can help draw customer attention.

Benefit From A Blazer Manufacturer in China

Rich experience in clothing design

Clothing design constantly updates through our local market research and constant projects with global brands.

Grasp the trend of the clothing market

As a reflection of our understanding of fashion, we update our selections by adding 100 blazer styles quarterly to make our brand partners trailblazers in the market.

Production Techniques

Along with pattern printing, we practice embroidery, heat transfer and many more production techniques that replicate complex patterns into clothing seamlessly.

Save time, save money

Our mature supply chain helps us maintain a regular flow of materials to help us produce blazers at affordable rates and within your deadlines.

Manufacturing At a Glance

fabric cards
Fabric Procurement
A growing Chinese textile market, Guangzhou is a stable source of quality fabrics that help make our blazers shine and last long. Through our network of suppliers, we match your fabric requirements with the right source and procure the fabrics in a short time.
Fabric Inspection2
Fabric Inspection
To prevent any delays in production or errors before delivery, we identify any defects on the fabric material. By testing their durability and appearance, we maintain a consistent supply of quality blazers proven to match international standards.
Pattern Making3
Pattern Making
You can decide how your blazers will look by consulting with our design team, who will find the right customizations that fit your preferred look. Our design patterns are then placed first on fabric for easier tracing and part division.
Cutting & Sewing4
Cutting & Sewing
Our cutting team uses the latest tools to create neat divisions on the fabric. Once we have all the parts cut up, we can readily stitch them together to seamlessly form a blazer ready to be worn upon delivery.
Screen Process5
Screen Process
Additional patterns and fixtures can give our blazers unique looks and inspire trends within your market. Cement your brand identity through the artistic screen process we conduct to help bolster your brand’s creativity.
Quality Control 6
Quality Control
We conduct tests that measure the quality and color of our fabrics to see if the material we use can maintain their integrity for long periods. Throughout production, we identify any quality issues that can be resolved before delivery while ensuring we meet your schedule.
Garment Ironing7
Garment Ironing
We follow proper ironing processes that help our blazers maintain their sleek look and glossy surface. The cleanliness and presentation of our blazers can drive demand for your selections and give recognition to your brand’s quality.
workers inspecting products
Garment Packing
Our team packs your orders neatly, folding and carefully placing the blazers within clean, durable packaging. Through our attentive packaging, we make our blazers presentable upon being delivered to your premises.

Fabric Procurement

Fabric Inspection

Pattern Making

Cutting & Sewing

Screen Process

Quality Control

Garment Ironing

Garment Packing

How Do We Ensure Blazers Quality?

Color Control: To ensure color consistency, we use the latest light boxes to check defects at every phase.
Fabric Width: The thickness of our fabrics determines the heat transfer and ease of putting patterns on the dress surface.
Fabric Weight: We make sure the dress is not too heavy or light and that we have the right amount of fabric needed.
Fabric Shrinkage: We avoid any degrading of fabric quality by putting our fabrics under various solutions to ensure their integrity.

Blazers Manufacturing FAQ

What is the difference between In-stock and custom Ladies’ Blazers?

In-stock blazers are ready for shipping and pre-made based on familiar designs commonly seen in the market. As such, they require little preparation or specifications from the customer’s end.


Custom ladies’ blazers are either made-to-measure (uniquely styled to customer’s preferences) or made-to-order (following an established style), both enabling brands to meet fashion standards in their markets.

What printing techniques do Chinese women’s blazers manufacturers use?

We apply a number of manufacturing techniques to place logos or different patterns on the garments, all to make them unique and attractive to the target market. These include silk screen printing, digital screen printing, dye sublimation printing, heat transfer print, regular embroidery, 3D embroidery, and embroidery patches.

Do Chinese women’s blazers manufacturers provide a tech-pack for garment design?

Yes. We provide a tech-pack providing specific details about the garment to minimize errors and ensure we follow your specifications to the letter. Aside from your basic concept, manufacturers, a tech-pack helps communicate our design better to ensure the production process flows quicker.