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Custom Ladies Trousers in Bulk From China

Hangzhou Garment supplies durable, lasting trousers that cover the legs and come with fashionable additions to bring comfort to every wearer. Meeting the needs of wholesalers and brand owners, our one-stop factory uses the latest technology to accurately realize their vision for trendy trousers while ensuring production falls within their price range.

Designing trendy trousers takes much experience and our experts are up to the task with their insight on market preferences and practical considerations. You can ask them for their advice on the right trouser materials and additions that can make your trouser sets more appealing to your market.

What’s New

Look out for the latest trends, as we offer 100 new styles per season to diversify your shelves and set trends in your market.

Benefits for Wholesaler

Through our thoughtful services and control over production, we aim to make your projects hassle-free and meet your budget.

Low MOQ from 100

With an MOQ of 100, we make your purchase experience more flexible as you can choose any volume orders that fit your price range.

Competitive Price

Through our control over production, we produce trousers that remain within factory prices to help make them more available for your profits to grow.

Quick Sampling

To make our production process smoother, we provide samples early on that you can check to guarantee our product’s consistency to your request.

After Sales Safety

Within a short period of time, we can provide replacements for products damaged during transport or when they do not meet your quality expectations.

Fully Customized for Your Business

Custom Design

We design our trousers to fit market trends and reflect your brand’s messaging and eye for quality. More than follow trends, we add custom features that make our trousers wearable for multiple occasions. See our designers to find out if your ideas can be realized.

Fabric Selection

Guangzhou is a hub for the most durable, trendy fabrics. We identify the right fabrics and source them within short timeframes while also checking their quality throughout the production process. Customization also helps preserve the quality of fabrics and add to their uniqueness of your trousers.

Private Label

Custom logos are made to attract your audience to what your brand represents. Our personalized logo service can help you cement your brand identity. This way, we help start-ups and established wholesalers and brands make their clothing selections stand out on the shelf.


Packaging can be both durable and beautiful. Our team also receives premium packaging materials from reliable suppliers. The packaging material we have can be easily adapted to printing and other means of customization to include your brand’s pattern and logo.

Your Ultimate Custom Trousers Manufacturer in China

Rich experience in clothing design

For 10 years, our team has learned from collaborations with global brands to make trendy trousers that reflect your specific market’s preferences.

Grasp the trend of the clothing market

To help your brand remain in style, we produce 100 trouser styles quarterly that capture market needs.

Production Techniques

We apply printing, embroidery, and other manufacturing techniques to display a variety of patterns on trousers.

Save time, save money

Through efficient machinery and consistent supply, our control over production guarantees your orders come within factory price and are made within your deadlines.

Dress Manufacturing At a Glance

fabric cards
Fabric Procurement
Guangzhou is a massive textile market where we acquire durable, lasting fabrics from reliable suppliers. As such, we always have the kind of fabric you are looking for and can source it within a short timeframe.
Fabric Inspection2
Fabric Inspection
Before making our fabrics into clothes, we check every fabric detail using advanced machinery to guarantee their quality. Our QC team identifies defects in the structure of our fabrics and ensures only quality fabrics are used to make trousers.
Pattern Making3
Pattern Making
After taking your design into consideration, our pattern master draws over the fabric so that we can know which areas can be cut into parts. The pattern is made to be easily assembled within our sewing and production lines.
Cutting & Sewing4
Cutting & Sewing
Through our advanced cutting tools, we neatly make fabric into neat parts that align with your desired pattern. Our unique production lines help make the parts into trousers, sewn together carefully for an easy fit.
Screen Process5
Screen Process
Implementing different arts and crafts to our trousers adds to their fashion appeal and uniqueness on the shelf, With different fabric patterns, stitches and patterns printed, we ensure your trousers can set trends and inspire more diverse designs.
Quality Control 6
Quality Control
From color control to fabric measurement, we consider the state of our garments in every step of the process. Quality control prevents defects from being missed and finds solutions to ensure only quality items are delivered to your premises.
Garment Ironing7
Garment Ironing
Our ironing process uses effective steam iron beds to prevent garments from wrinkling. We iron out clothes to ensure the pattern remains clear and intact while preserving the quality of the fabric for long-time wear.
workers inspecting products
Garment Packing
Along with customizing the package, we also ensure the packaging process can neatly secure any volume of trousers for your order. With durable packaging, we protect your clothing during transit and ensure they are clean, organized, and ready to be sold and used by your brand.

Fabric Procurement

Fabric Inspection

Pattern Making

Cutting & Sewing

Screen Process

Quality Control

Garment Ironing

Garment Packing

How Do We Ensure Trousers Quality?

Color Control: To ensure color consistency, we use the latest light boxes to check defects at every phase.

Fabric Width: The thickness of our fabrics determines the heat transfer and ease of putting patterns on the dress surface.

Fabric Weight: We make sure the dress is not too heavy or light and that we have the right amount of fabric needed.

Fabric Shrinkage: We avoid any degrading of fabric quality by putting our fabrics under various solutions to ensure their integrity.

Trousers Manufacturing FAQ

What are the benefits of buying directly from a Chinese wholesale ladies trousers manufacturer?

You can readily negotiate with manufacturers on the payment terms as they will prioritize meeting your demands to ensure you get the quality you pay for. These manufacturers are also a more direct source of clothing, having quick access to premium materials in reliable supply networks in China. A prominent textile market exists in Guangzhou, for example, to deliver the amount of fabric required to meet international demand. Therefore, Chinese manufacturers can meet large volume orders of high quality trousers within your deadlines.

What do you look for in a trouser manufacturer?

Control over production: The factory is able to produce at large volumes while cutting costs for your convenience.

Reliability: Products can enter readily without any hassle through any border and has been tested based on industry standards.

A reasonable MOQ: This will save much trouble as you will know how much you can afford and profit from, making your purchase worthwhile.

Customization: No matter the type of trouser or fabric used, the factory can be counted on to follow your requests.

Do Chinese manufacturers offer custom trousers?

Yes. Chinese manufacturers can give custom design services that consider the latest market trends while applying added touches to make your clothing line unique from competitors. Sending your designs or ideas is also easier as Chinese manufacturers will readily take your inputs online for a smoother process.