Custom Design

To keep up with trends and serve different needs, Hangzhou Garment produces 100 new styles for every season. Along with our years of experience, we can readily realize your brand’s vision with a variety of clothing patterns and logo designs.


Concept Development

We begin every production process with a consultation to bring up the concept or idea that you want to express to your audience. From initial inputs, our designers will develop sketches for you to inspect and for us to base the design on.


Pattern Making

To convey your ideas, we make a template in the form of a pattern that is traced on the fabric before we assemble the parts of a garment together. With years of experience, our pattern designers will make patterns according to our bespoke size chart to reflect diverse customer proportions.


Mock-up Fitting

A key step to capturing the proportions of our dresses, our design team uses mannequins to match the shape of our garments with its pattern. This way, our designer dresses can bring out your desired patterns clearly while giving the most proper fit when worn.

size charts


Bespoke Size Chart

We have a selection of sizes that can accurately fit various customer needs, making your brand a flexible choice. Our designers responsibly deliver solutions, following your instructions to capture your required colors, sizes, and look.