How We Made it: Hangzhou Garment

Founder of Hangzhou Garment

Since he was a little child, Kevin has had a strong sensitivity to color, and he appreciates aesthetics.

He developed an interest in clothing at the age of 18 and started studying color matching and outfit design.

Founding of Hangzhou

He founded Hangzhou Garment Inc. in 2009 and started making investments in fashion design. The company, Hangzhou Garment Inc., integrates design, manufacture, export, and brand sales.

The enterprise specializes in first- and second-generation European women’s clothes, including OEM and ODM styles that are used in countries like Italy, the US, Australia, Japan, Arabia, Germany, Russia, and others.

A Trip to Germany

In 2016, Kevin traveled to Germany by chance and participated in a German restaurant party. He was very excited when he saw many men and women dancing in traditional Bavarian costumes. It was like love at first sight.

Kevin appreciated the natural beauty of women, so after returning to China, he focused on studying traditional Bavarian clothing, recruiting many excellent designer teams and enthusiasts to join the company.

Hangzhou Garment Inc. started commercial operations in Germany, producing 40,000 dresses annually for OEM-ODM. At the same time, it also helped customers in the development of fabrics and accessories, fabric procurement, and matching jewelry.

The open beauty of traditional Middle Eastern clothes struck Kelvin hard when he first learned about it in 2019 from a Saudi Arabian friend. 

Founder of Hangzhou Garment and Clients

His Passion

As a result of the enigmatic beauty and aristocratic ambiance that Middle Eastern robes and looming veils afforded local ladies, Kevin began to create a line of Middle Eastern apparel. He started commercial operations in the region and invested in an excellent design team.

Kevin’s dream is that every Middle Eastern woman will have a robe from Hangzhou in her wardrobe in the next three years.

In the future, national costumes from all over the world will be the subject of research and design in an effort to preserve and advance traditional culture.

Hangzhou’s goals include making traditional attire fashionable and appealing and promoting Chinese businesses globally.

Founder of Hangzhou Garment and Models

Our Vision: 

  • To be a good company that can last 100 years
  • To become a leading brand in the traditional clothing industry in Germany and the Middle East
  • to establish itself as the Middle East’s and Germany’s leading one-stop provider of traditional textile products worldwide. serving lovers of traditional costumes worldwide.
  • To create 10,000 job opportunities and allow more people with design dreams to realize their dreams.


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