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How to Style with Your Midi Dress This Winter(2023)

Winter is coming, when people in the street put on their jeans and pants. But today, we are going to tell you that midi dresses can also be stylish and popular. 

woman in old style dress

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In history, midi dress has been silhouetted since 1910. With the labor engagement of women, the hemlines of dress were developed from the floor to the ankle length, reducing the walking barrier of long hemlines. This was followed by a tide of raising hemlines to the calves, with the leading of Coco Chanel, a famous brand. This is a beacon of liberating women to labor market and fashion trends. 

women in old style dresses

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Unfortunately, the popularity and development of midi tress was refrained by World War Two from 1931 to 1945, which was relaced by a trend of civilian unforms. Whereas, with the over of the war, midi dress has gradually recovered in the fashion market with the help of the milestone shows held by Dior, which showcases midi skits with loosed waist and shoulders. Women were so amazed by the gorgeous look of midi skits after being trapped by war life. Therefore, it become a modern trend at that time, passing down to nowadays.

Until now, midi skirts have been developed and evolved into diversity by more and more dress manufacturers. Different lengths, designs and matching styles are available for customers to modify their body outlines and show beauty.

How Long are Midi Dresses

woman in black dress

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Actually, there is no specific standard for dress length in wholesale midi dresses market. However, as we all know, midi-dress can reach a length from knees to ankles. Furthermore, a little difference in dress length can lead to completely various styles. Thus, it is necessary to look into this issue. Last but not least, a midi dress in proper length is able to demonstrate a pretty outline of calves.

The following content will classify different lengths into three groups.


Midi dress in short length almost shows half of the legs, just covering the knees. Shape of shanks are perfectly showed with senses of sexy and active. Besides, fluent long outlines of your shanks would stretch your overall body in vision.


However, middle midi dress brings completely another sense with just about ten centimeters longer than the above length. Covering the knees, middle midi dress only shows the calves, which are the slimmest and smooth part of the whole legs. This fully delivers female elegance.


The long midi dress is the most magnificent one among the above types. The cloth takes up most parts of your body only except for the little ankles, heightening the covering areas as well as ceremoniousness.

Midi Dress with Jacket

After choosing your favorite length with expect, it is time to consider matching a suitable jacket to keep warm and hold the pulchritude of the midi dress.

Midi Dress with Short Black Leather Jacket

woman in leather jacket and a dress

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As a whole, this look reveals a handsome style. A short leather jacket, which sets off the shoulders with a glossy lapel, exposes a long and wide dress hemline. The strong and hard feeling of the upper body well contrasts with the tender and soft feeling of the full skirt. This look is powerful enough to support any formal fashion occasion, while it is not too queer to exist in the street. 

Midi Dress with Md-long Jacket

woman in mid-length jacket and a dress

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This look seems modest, and classical but meticulous. Although the mid-long jacket takes up three-fifths of the whole body, the visual length of the body is still wonderful based on the slim midi dress inside. Besides, pockets, buttons, and lapels make a decorative effect on the whole look, delivering a sense of meticulous and classical. It should be a perfect look for daily life and work.

Midi Dress with Long Woolen Coat 

woman in woolen long coat and a dress

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Undoubtedly, this style is so soft and gentle. The long jacket with fluent outline emphasizes the length of the midi dress, showing more delicacy and softness overall. In terms of functionality, midi dress and long jacket is a warm-wearing combination in winter, preventing cold wind from your knees. Thus, it is very nice to wear them outside for work, dating, and holidays in winter.  

Midi Dress with Boots

For the lower part of the body, when it talks to shoes matching with midi dress in winter, boots are dispensable items because of its good-looking and warm.

Midi Dress with Short Flat Boots

Woman in midi dress and flat heel boots

(Source: pinterest.com)

Midi Dress with short flat boots leaves a young and nice impression at the first glance of the whole look. While the midi dress plays a key role to slim your body and set off your calves, short flat boots embellish your ankles and feet by long tongues and round toe cap, extending pretty outlines of calves. This look is suitable for shopping, working and so on, bringing warm and stable step on the way.

Midi Dress with High Heel Boots

Woman in midi dress and high heel boots

(Source: pinterest.com)

Combating midi drew with short high heel boots convey a style of graceful. Under midi dress with pretty outline, short high heel boots flush with ankles. Sharp toe cups, high heels and midi dress jointly build up a slender image of your body, which is very suitable to appear in office and business dinner. 

Midi Dress with Long High Heel Boots

Woman in midi dress and long high heel boots

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There is no doubt that this look is a perfect mixture of strength and nattiness. The length of midi dress is well extended by the slender leather boots with high heels, sharp shoe caps and long shaft, which creates a sense of decent from head to toe. More and more, contrast between soft cloth of dress and hard glossy leather of shoes showcases a harmony of cool. Overall, this look is proper to serve occasion like working and shopping in winter.

Midi Dress with Sneakers

Posterior to boots, sneakers are the other option to match with midi dress in winter. You may be curious about how to wear a midi dress with sneakers because they exactly seems like two items in different styles. Let us share some examples.

Midi Dress with White Sneakers

Woman in midi dress and white sneakers

(Source: pinterest.com)

The style of midi dress with white sneaker can be casual with diversity. Against common design of sneaker in white, midi dress with fancy collar is highlighted in bright brown, deciding tone of the whole wearing. Suitable place for this look can be shopping mall, park and other informal occasion.

Midi Dress with Shaft Sneakers

Woman in midi dress and white canvas shoes

(Source: pinterest.com)

This look tends to be charateristic and distinctive. Most of shaft sneaker is design for basketball player, so they look sporty and functional in appearance. However, midi dress is a symbol of mellowness. Such a big gap between sport and mellowness just shows a distincive attitute, attracting people attention easily. 

Style Conclusion

After reading midi dress with different length, shoes and jacket, you may start to imagine how the style looks like if these four come into play reciprocally.

Sharp Style

Woman in midi dress and white sneakers

(Source: pinterest.com)

Long midi dress with a short jacket and white sneakers could fuse into a sense of sharpness and coolness. The short black leather jacket, showing a natural feeling, leaves enough room for the loose swinging of a long hemline. Two calves move in vigorous strides with the help of sporty sneakers. Everything including the body and the whole dressing comes out in a sharp way, catching your eyes in a sudden.

Graceful Style

woman in blue midi dress with polka dots

(Source: pinterest.com)

If you prefer a graceful style, try long midi dress with mid-long jacket and short high heel boots. Waist are doubt emphasized by two layers of wearing, midi dress and mid-long jacket, which strength a sense of slenderness. In contrast of black short boots with sharp toe box, calves seems so smooth under the covering of soft dress hemlines. We highly recommend that you can dress like this for holiday, dating, shopping and working. 

Strong and Sexy Style

woman in beige midi dress with leather hand bag

(Source: pinterest.com)

This dressing gives us a sense of confidence and sexiness. It is a combination of long items- long midi dress, a long jacket, and long boots. From the perspective of functionality, this dress is very warm to resist cold wind in winter thanks to its overall covering for the body. Silhouettes of jacket, dress and boots are fluent, so there is no obstruction to set off the slim and sexiness of the female body. Besides, by wearing a pair of long glossy leather boots with high heels, a full sense of tallness and confidence are presented perfectly. It is advisable to put on the outfits to fashion shows or banquets. 

Cool and Girlish Style

woman in pink midi dress and a black leather jacket

(Source: pinterest.com)

Short midi dress with short flat boots and a short jacket is very likable and fashionable. It integrated girlish of short dress and strong feeling of jacket and boots perfectly, leading to a magic contrast which everyone is attracted. More and more, this dressing is very friendly to those with short body, optimizing shanks with proper arrangement of body proportion.  


When you design look for yourself, more issues should be take into consideration.

In terms of weather, in the beginning of winter, short midi dress is ok to warm your body, while long midi seems so helpful in frozen days.

In terms of personality, short midi dress with short flat boot is very appropriate to girlish person, but it is not always preferred by sophisticated office workers.

In terms of occasion, long midi dress with sneakers is very nice for enjoying holiday, but it may be improper for formal occasion unless you put on formal jacket and high heel boots.

We sincerely hope that you could get some inspiration on midi dress style for daily life to give a warm welcome to this winter.  


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