Delivering Tailor-Made Wholesale Clothing

With no design or board-development team in one of our Italian customers, they turned to Hangzhou Garment. Our team sprung into action to satisfy their needs with record-breaking speed and unrivaled efficiency, from style pictures to mass production.


Through the quotation link on our website, the customer got in touch with Guangzhou Hangzhou Garment Co. and requested an estimate for women’s apparel brands. The order of fashion and clothing styles will be part of their brick-and-mortar shops sold wholesale and distributed to distribution retailers. We learned after some exploratory discussion started a few days later, in this case, we faced the project with a problematic issue. The client lacked design and board development teams and because the location where the customer is based lacks an abundance of surface accessories available.


First Challenge: No available design team provided by the customer

Customers will be more likely to choose a fashion brand over those of their competitors if the fashion line demonstrates the quality of the design work in the company and the apparel.

If the company has a well-designed, original logo, then the consumers and the people who purchase the products will be impressed. In our case, our customer only provided us with style pictures. In this case, only a one-to-one model of the picture’s impact is needed, and no surface embellishments or size must be present according to the image.

As a result, we chose to assist the client in developing garment samples, fabric composition, and size needs and drawing a design draft for the customer’s approval.

Second Challenge: Lack of board development team and lacks surface accessories

The second challenge posed by the client was the lack of a development team. And while it’s important, it’s also crucial for us to prepare the changes needed for an overall quality output.

In Guangzhou Hangzhou Garment Co., we believe that fashion product development entails preparing your apparel and fashion goods for production by approving samples and prototype samples. Finding the proper partners like us and keeping product development expenses low are two of the most difficult challenges in this process.

After much negotiation, we agreed, and we were able to fulfill their planned output. The rapid response to the client’s concerns motivated them to make an order, kicking off production.


We acquired their faith and confidence via our complete compliance with the tight timetable and budget allocation, and we agreed to proceed with the order of women’s garments.

Following the selection of the necessary surface accessories, we begin sewing production, which necessitates the participation of the majority of our staff. We set up two assembly lines to speed up the production process, with specialized teams responsible for garment design, quality control, packaging preparation, and package sealing.

We were able to finish the custom dress orders and approval within nine days, thanks to the joint efforts of our personnel and established manufacturing procedure. Our crew handed the client a sample of the final product to try on, meeting the agreed-upon timeframe.

We went beyond to meet the client’s expectations and our high-quality production and timely delivery of samples needed. They hired our specialist marketing experts to give the extra help required to promote the items and raise the brand’s profile in the industry. Our expert photographers also captured high-definition photographs of the outfits, which they may utilize for product marketing and advertising.

How Did We Do It?

Looking back on the project, the following are some of the elements that affected the order’s successful completion while meeting the client’s unique needs:

Manufacturing that is both strong and efficient

In the apparel sector, an order as big as the one submitted by the customer takes 3-6 months to execute. However, since the project was for wholesale distribution, they gave us a maximum of 10 days to complete it. With this in mind, we tried our utmost to manufacture the required number of bespoke gowns in only nine days, from design to sewing to packing and transportation.

Flexibility in manufacturing strategy and adjusting to the perceived demands of the customer

As a committed partner in our customers’ success, we avoid limiting ourselves by traditional schedule, budget, or bespoke production team constraints. We saw the problem of limited manufacturing time and samples as challenges to conquer rather than barriers. We made the impossible feasible by putting our confidence in our production capabilities and personnel.

Communication that is both clear and effective

The first and most important aspect of the transaction was communication, which expressed the client’s immediate needs and confidence in our ability to address those needs. Even though she lacked specific teams, such as the design and production teams, demonstrating that we could execute the order with our customer-centric manufacturing provided her the confidence she needed to seal the business.

Using the most workers and equipment possible to accomplish a large-scale request in a rapid time

Our dedicated team of specialists, who put in endless hours to complete the job on schedule, are the real stars of this enormous achievement. Each item is carefully made and submitted to stringent quality control standards, ensuring that our promise of world-class bespoke dresses is kept.